Village of Long Grove
Old McHenry Road & Robert Parker Coffin Road Downtown Intersection Improvements.

The Lake County Department of Transportation (LCDOT) has been planning various improvements to the portion of Old McHenry Road between Kildeer School and The Long Grove Fire Protection District for many years. The LCDOT held their first public meeting on October 19, 2011 and is committed to designing improvements to the roadway and intersection that are consistent with their charge of moving traffic efficiently and safely on Old McHenry Road while preserving the Historic Downtown and working cooperatively with the Village and the Downtown to improve the streetscape. Consistent with this philosophy, the LCDOT hosted the First Stakeholder Meeting on June 9, 2012 which focused on the ground rules, the result of the first public meeting and identifying priorities for the project.

Please refer to the LCDOT website for further details and updates and/or contact Village Manager David Lothspeich at or 847-634-9440.