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Frequently Asked Questions / How do I?


What kind of community is Long Grove?
Long Grove has worked hard to maintain and remain an open-space countryside and environmentally sound community. Although the main emphasis is open space residential development, it is modestly known for its historic business community, and it has planned some office and retail, where appropriate. 
How large is Long Grove and what is the population?
The village is large geographically - approximately 18 square miles. The population was 6,735 as of the 2000 census. 
How is Long Grove governed?
The elected officials are a President, six-member Board of Trustees, and a Village Clerk. None of the elected officials receive any compensation for their efforts other than the reward of helping Long Grove remain a fine community. Every two years, at the spring elections during the odd-numbered years, the registered voters either vote for the President, Clerk and three trustees, or three trustees.
Who runs the day-to-day operations of the Village?
The Village’s official administrative officer is the Village Manager. The Village maintains a small but busy staff. Most services are performed by private contracts.
How is Long Grove financed?
One of the Village’s goals, since its incorporation in 1956, is not to levy a real estate tax, nor charge special fees. Vehicle stickers are not required, but are offered as a convenience to residents for a small fee. As a municipal corporation, Long Grove receives funds collected on its behalf from the State of Illinois. A major source of funds is a portion of the sales taxes from purchases made in the Village. Other sources include Illinois income tax, motor fuel tax, Lake County road and bridge fund, building permit fees, commercial licenses, interest on investments and administrative fees.
What kind of services does Long Grove provide?
In its effort to maintain an open space, low density and environmentally sound community, the Village does not and could not provide the urban services of a city, but hopes all residents do not expect those services which in themselves, are detrimental to open space and the environment. Long Grove provides public road maintenance, snow plowing, police protection, planning and zoning protection and many other community programs. In Long Grove, however, many roads are private and maintained by property owners or homeowners associations.
How is family security and fire protection handled?
The Village contracts with the Lake County Sheriff's Department for daily security patrols, and the Sheriff is available 24 hours a day for any emergency in Long Grove.  Fire protection is provided by two fire districts, the Long Grove Fire Protection District and the Countryside Fire Protection District. 
Yes, but registration is required.  Please contact the Village Office to obtain the registration forms.  False alarms carry a strong fine to discourage improper disarming practices, poor maintenance and misuse. [Return to Index]
Long Grove's elementary children are served by three districts: District 76, 79 and 96.  High School children attend either District 120 or 125.  For further information, please contact the districts directly. 
District 76
  • District Office
    • 847-566-9221
  • Diamond Lake School
    • 847-566-6601
  • Fairhaven School
    • 847-949-0991
  • West Oak Middle School
    • 847-566-9220
District 79
  • District Office
    • 847-837-0437
  • Fremont School
    • 847-566-9384
District 96
  • District Offices
    • 847-459-4260
  • Country Meadows School
    • 847-353-8600
  • Kildeer Countryside School
    • 847-634-3243
  • Twin Groves School
    • 847-821-8946
  • Woodlawn Middle School
    • 847-353-8500
District 120
  • Mundelein High School
    • 847- 949-2200
District 125
  • Stevenson High School
    • 847-634-4000
Most of Long Grove is served by Vernon Area Library. A small section of Long Grove falls within Ela Area Library.
The Long Grove Park District was incorporated in 1973, and is separate from the Village.  The purpose of the Park District was, and is, to protect and control vital open space and natural areas.  The Park District also creates recreational programs for the community.  The Long Grove Park District does not levy any form of taxes, and relies heavily on volunteers. Residents in the far northwest corner of the Village are served by the Mundelein Park District, which is a taxing district. 
The Village has a residential solid waste franchise agreement with Waste Management.  They are required to meet specific minimum standards for recycling.  It is up to the individual to choose the type of service provided.  
The Village's franchise agreement is with Comcast.  If you prefer to have satellite television, dishes two feet or less in diameter are permitted.  A permit is required for larger dishes.
There are specific home occupations allowed, but none are service businesses.  A resident is not allowed to use the lot or building for storage of supplies or vehicles used in a business.  If you drive the company vehicle home, it must be parked in an enclosed area. 
Please consult the Village Code for all animal regulations.  If you have more than three dogs, you may be considered a kennel owner, which is not allowed in residential areas without a special use.  Horses are allowed only on land two acres or larger, which has to do with the amount of usable land for the animal and indoor stalls.  No riding stables are allowed without a special use. Always check the covenants and restrictions of a specific development for possible additional restrictions.  Information on Lake County rabies licenses for dogs and cats can be obtained from your veterinarian and information is available from this link to the Lake County Health Department
Fences are allowed on any property, outside any and all restricted easements, up to six feet in height without a permit.  The Village strongly discourages fences to maintain the open space look.  Please consult the covenants and restrictions of a specific development or homeowner association for possible additional restrictions. Fencing of pools and tennis courts is not required by Long Grove regulations. 
Any recreational vehicle is to be parked in an enclosed area or screened from adjacent property owners.  No recreational vehicle is allowed to be connected for use as a living area. 
It is best not to place anything on easements that you might not wish to have removed later. Manmade structures are specifically restricted from conservancy districts, scenic corridors and drainage easements, including fences.  These areas cannot be mowed or manicured, and property owners must post and maintain conservancy district signs.  Proposals to enhance the natural aspects of a conservancy or scenic corridor must be submitted to the Conservancy and Scenic Corridor Committee for review. 
When building, you face specific setbacks on property, which may vary from lot to lot, and appear on the property survey.  Setback areas cannot be used to build principle or accessory structures such as sheds, barns, satellite dishes, decks, pools or tennis courts.
Most anything that costs over $100 needs a building permit.  Structural changes, garages, porches, decks, sheds, satellite dishes over two feet in diameter, pools, tennis courts, lawn sprinkler systems, fences over six feet in height, additions, plumbing and electrical changes need a permit.  The Building Superintendent assists residents with this process.
Long Grove is not served by public water supplies or distribution systems except for an area in the far northwest corner of the village.  Private wells are used, which is another reason why Long Grove protects natural areas and the environment so closely.  Some areas are served by Lake County sanitary sewers.  Not all areas will be served by sanitary sewers because on-site waste disposal systems (septic) are adequate and efficient on lots of the size allowed in Long Grove. 
The Rural Free Delivery system from the postal service allows for services not provided by city carriers, and  keeps one's privacy by not telling others where you live.  A  unique 4-digit number is assigned to your residence, which must be written exactly as the following example, "3110 RFD." It is used for all mail and official purposes, or the post office will not guarantee delivery.  It is not a post office box number.  Its location, your street name, is up to you to give out.  Please use your 4-digit number and street name for deliveries other than the U.S. mail. The Village office does not give out directions to your address. 
Long Grove residents can register to vote at the Village Office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. at anytime except during the 28-day period preceding each election. Each person applying for registration must be 18 years of age by the date of the next election, have resided in the voting precinct for 30 days prior to the election, and provide two (2) forms of identification, one must show current address.
Please contact the Village Office with any additional questions 
at 847-634-9440. 


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