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Economic Development & Downtown

Historic Downtown Long Grove Business District.

Long Grove may be best known for its specialty shops and special dining.  Visitors travel long distances by car and chartered bus to spend a day in our Historic Business District.  Downtown Long Grove contains some 120 businesses.  With few exceptions, all are open seven days a week, all year long.  The success of our turn-of-the-century shopping environment is not just luck.  After World War II, when the Village as we know it today began taking shape, a need to preserve the historic value and flavor of the district was recognized.  As a result, the first historic district in Illinois was created in 1960 by Village ordinance.

To protect the character of our business district, stringent regulations control signs, building size and use, and even paint color.  The Architectural Commission, composed of local residents who volunteer their time and expertise, administers Village codes.  Their efforts, coupled with sensible planning and carefully styled merchandising, have produced in our midst a unique retail business community which, in turn, helps to ensure the financial stability of the Village.

Historic Downtown Economic Development Incentives. (NEW)

The Village of Long Grove Board of Trustees recently passed an incentive plan for the historic business district.  The programs provide the ability for business and or property owners that make pre-approved program eligible capital improvements to their property / business to be reimbursed for 50% of these expenses with a maximum reimbursement of $ 100,000.  The following documents provides details on these programs that are aimed attracting and maintaining business in the historic downtown.  To learn more about these Village incentives, please contact Village Manager Dave Lothspeich (847-634-9440 or dlothspeich@longgrove.net).

IL 83 & Downtown Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District

Downtown Master Plan



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