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Common projects requiring a building permit (this list is not all-inclusive):


Common Projects requiring a building permit (List not all-inclusive)

  •     Addition to Existing Residence
  •     Basement Remodel
  •     Commercial New Building, Addition, Interior Alterations or Build-Out
  •     Culvert, New or Replacement
  •     Demolition of Principal or Accessory Structure, Pool, or Driveway
  •     Driveway, Re-surface, Remove & Replace, Expansion, or New Driveway Monuments
  •     Deck, New, Changes to Existing, or Structural Repair of
  •     Drainage or Grading Changes
  •     Electrical, Extra Receptacles, Replacement of Wiring or Devices, Service Upgrade
  •     Framing
  •     Furnace or Air Conditioning Replacement, Any HVAC
  •     Garage
  •     Gazebo or Pergola
  •     Generator
  •     Hot Tub or Spa
  •     Interior Alterations or Remodeling
  •     Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Water Features with Electrical
  •     Lawn Irrigation, New or Expansion of Existing
  •     New Residence
  •     Patio, Walkway, Retaining Walls, Any Hardscape
  •     Plumbing
  •     Reroof, Re-Cover or Tear-Off
  •     Restoration Post-Disaster (Water-Damage, Fire, etc.)
  •     Sanitary Sewer Repair
  •     Siding or Stucco
  •     Solar Energy System
  •     Storage Shed
  •     Swimming Pool,  In-ground or Above-Ground
  •     Water Heater Replacement
  •     Window Replacement


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