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Bridge - August 2014

August 8, 2014 - 4:50pm -- justin
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Friday, 8 August 2014





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August 2014 ISSUE #7


Starbucks in Downtown Long Grove: Debunking the Myths and Rumors

As the parent of a Starbucks barista, I am certainly a fan of the coffee chain. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to obtain my grande skinny vanilla latte right
here in our historic downtown. On a regular basis, I have residents express to me their disappointment that we don’t have a Starbucks located in the Village Downtown, along
with the assumption that this business is in some way prohibited by our zoning, ordinances, or Village Board. I would like to address this misconception, and explain some of the realities facing our downtown business district and what is being done to help turn things around.
For the past 40 years, downtown Long Grove has been a collection of smaller specialty stores, housed in quaint historic buildings and former homes. All of these independent stores are on privately owned properties. The Village owns the municipal parking lots, but not the individual shops or the property around these shops, including the sidewalks, benches, etc. Our shopping district is a unique alternative to the shopping malls or strip malls found in surrounding suburbs. Marketing and Economic Development consultants tell us that Long Grove has a distinctive brand and reputation, and this is one of our greatest strengths. Unfortunately, several factors have combined
to make it a challenge for the downtown property owners to keep and attract new
businesses. These include (but are not limited to) changing consumer tastes, internet shopping, the recent economic downturn, competition from big-box stores, and many long-time shop keepers reaching retirement age.
Long Grove’s charming downtown has never been particularly appealing to national chains. A coffee shop such as Starbucks scouts out locations based on volume of sales and easy public access. They prefer to be located on a busy road or city street, with a convenient drive-thru spot. Our crossroads do not fit that bill. But the fact is, our Village does not have any restriction against Starbucks, or any other national or local chains. During the past decade, and certainly within my four years serving on the Village Board, Starbucks has never approached the Village to be located within the downtown, and if they were to do so, I can assure you that we would be listening.
So what is the Village doing to help the property owners attract new businesses?

Recently, the Village Board worked together with the current business owners to expand the categories of permitted uses in the downtown. The list of businesses allowed was broadened dramatically, to include hundreds of new uses. Ultimately, this makes it easier for a new business to locate in Long Grove, without spending extra time and money to get a special use permit.

At the request and with the cooperation of the downtown merchants, the Village has hired B&F Technical Inspectors to make enforceable recommendations to property owners on violations of Village code. I am happy to report that things are going well as mostly minor violations were noted. By and large, owners have been receptive to the changes needed to spruce up their properties.

The Village has included in the budget some funds to be used as seed money for beautification efforts in the historic downtown. With matching funds contributed by both business owners and property owners, benches and bicycle racks are being replaced or added, and landscaping is being enhanced.

The Village has hired Bridget Lane of Business Districts, Inc. to provide some market research and recommendations for economic development possibilities in Long Grove. Bridget will be giving a presentation as part of our upcoming infrastructure workshops, designed to incorporate resident engagement.

The Long Grove Business and Community Partners Organization(LGBCP) has an Economic Development committee made up of business owners, community members, and Village staff and board members. They meet weekly to work on new ideas and search out new opportunities.

Additionally, efforts are being made by the Village to work with property developers to bring public water from the deep well at Sunset Grove into the historic crossroads (the downtown is currently served by individual private wells). This will be an enhancement for any new restaurants looking to establish here along with providing much needed capacity for fire hydrants and fire suppression.

So will we ever see a Starbucks in downtown Long Grove? Never say never. In the meantime, we are happy to have the Caribou Coffee (soon to be Peet's Coffee) in the Sunset Grove Shopping Center. Many of the buildings in our historic district are in the process of changing ownership. New owners bring new ideas and vision, and the current Village Board will work hard in the best interest of all of our residents to help our new businesses succeed. Some changes will certainly take place. The Village can influence some of these changes, and in some cases we will have to continue to wait for things to sort themselves out. I am lucky to have the opportunity to see the many intelligent and caring residents, merchants, and property owners working together to help Long Grove make a comeback. Please join me in supporting their efforts!

– Angie Underwood, Village President


On Monday, August 18 the Village Board will kick off a series of workshops to address our Village infrastructure. These workshops have purposely been designed to seek resident involvement and work collaboratively with the community. This first workshop will feature a presentation by Michael Shrake of Gewalt Hamilton Associates. Mr. Shrake will explain the results of the recent engineering study analyzing our current and projected roadway pavement conditions, with cost projections for maintenance and repairs. Community volunteers representing a variety of Long Grove neighborhoods have been asked to join the Village Board members at this workshop, and all interested residents are welcomed to attend the audience of this public meeting. The workshop on August 18 will begin at 7:00 pm, and is scheduled to be held at Kildeer Countryside School. The next workshop in the series is planned to focus on the topic of Village finances and potential economic development opportunities.


Considered one of the most destructive forest pests in North America, the emerald ash borer (EAB), a beetle native to Asia, has killed tens of millions of ash trees in the United States alone. The EAB was first discovered in the United
States near Detroit, Michigan, in 2002. It has since been identified in 18 states across the country and Canada, and was discovered in Illinois in 2006.
Adult beetles are elongated, approximately 1/8 to 1/2 inch in length, with metallic green wings and bronze bodies. The adult EAB begins to emerge from ash trees in spring and continues emerging through August, living approximately three weeks. The beetles will hide in bark crevices and will occasionally feed on ash foliage, leaving small holes along leaf margins.
Shortly after an adult beetle emerges, it mates and lays eggs on the bark of ash trees. Eggs hatch within seven to 10 days, at which time the larvae chew and tunnel their way through the tree's bark. The larvae create serpentine galleries that affect the tree's nutrient and water transportation system, causing the tree to decline and eventually die. The larvae overwinter in the tree until spring when they emerge as adult beetles, leaving behind D-shaped holes in tree branches and trunks. The EAB usually attacks the tops of trees first and proceeds downward. Woodpeckers often feed on the outer bark of EAB-infested trees.
While adult beetles are capable of flying about one-half mile from infestation sites, they travel much longer distances through the transportation of infested firewood. It is for this reason that Illinois, among many other states, has been quarantined to help prevent the spread of the EAB. The quarantine restricts the movement of firewood and other ash products out of quarantined areas. Quarantines are administered by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
The Village of Long Grove does not have an ordinance or regulations requiring removal of EAB infested trees (diseased or dead). Due to the amount and size of natural areas (both private and public properties) combined with the benefits of letting dead trees remain for natural habitat for wildlife, Long Grove has purposely not adopted regulations. The enforcement of such regulations can also be a significant burden on the municipal resources.
The Village encourages residents to remove dead or diseased trees. If you and your neighbor have diseased trees, or if there are several infected or dead trees in your subdivision, it may be cost effective to have them all taken down at one time.
When removing dead or diseased trees in Long Grove, the Village requires residents to apply for a tree removal permit; however, the process for obtaining a tree removal permit for ash trees only has been simplified. The resident just needs to send a photograph, via e-mail or regular mail, of the affected tree. No tree removal application or $5 processing fee is required.


This has been a wet summer, and with the rains come mosquitoes. The Village of Long Grove has contracted again with Clarke Mosquito to lay larvacide in order to reduce the future population of mosquitoes. The Village has increased the services of Clarke by having them identify wet areas in Long Grove that require treatment. By reducing the mosquito population, the risk of contracting West Nile virus is also reduced.
West Nile virus is transmitted to humans and other animals by the bite of an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes become infected when they feed on infected birds. Anyone living in an area where West Nile virus is present in mosquitoes can get infected. About one in five people who are infected will develop a fever with other symptoms; less than 1% of people who are infected will develop a serious neurologic illness such as encephalitis or meningitis. In a small number of cases death may occur.
At the present time, there are no medications to treat nor vaccines to prevent West Nile virus. The most effective way to avoid West Nile virus is to prevent mosquito bites by using insect repellents when you go outdoors; wear long sleeves and pants from dusk through dawn when mosquitoes are most active; empty standing water from containers such as flowerpots, gutters, pool covers and birdbaths.
Reporting and testing of dead birds is one way to check for the presence of West Nile virus in the environment. To report sightings of dead birds, especially crows and blue jays, call the West Nile virus hotline at 847-377-8300.


The EPA estimates that the average person throws away
70 pounds of clothing each year. It is estimated that 85% of all clothing and textiles end up in landfills. With many landfills nearing capacity, what can be done to reduce textile waste?
In addressing this issue, the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) has established a new community-wide program for recycling clothing and textiles. Through this program, 95% of the materials
collected are repurposed or recycled.
Items that are accepted include new, gently used, used or unwanted/worn clothing, bedding, and towels. Even backpacks and purses can be recycled. All fabrics are accepted, even those that are stained or have holes.
There are three drop off locations in the area:

Mundelein Park District - 1401 N. Midlothian Road, Mundelein

Vernon Hills Pubic Works Facility - 490 Greenleaf Drive, Vernon Hills

Wauconda Public Works - 302 Slocum Lake Road, Wauconda

For more information, visit the SWALCO website at http://www.swalco.org/Collections/Clothing%20and%20Textiles/Pages/default.aspx#


Have you ever been an audience member at an old-time radio program? Did you ever listen to "Little Orphan Annie", "Jack Armstrong, All American Boy", "The Shadow", or "Inner Sanctum Mystery"? Have you ever wondered how radio programs were produced and how the sound effects were made? Before television, computers and video games came along, people gathered around the radio to listen to these and other popular programs and let their imaginations "see" what was on the radio.

If you'd like to relive or understand how radio programs were projected across America, join the Long Grove Historical
Society at Reed Turner Nature Center on Sunday, September
28 at 2:00 p.m. to sit in the audience and watch the "Those Were the Days Radio Players of Lake County" show you what it was like to be at a live radio broadcast. These professional announcers, actors and sound effects people will demonstrate to you how a radio program was conducted. Bring your children and grandchildren. These productions are fun, informative and "clean". Open to the public.



August 16 & 17, 2014

Don’t miss the new Long Grove Village Art Market on August 16 and August 17, featuring: 1) More than 60 juried artists, on Archer Road; 2) Emerging Artists (High School and Adult) in a giant tent on Robert Parker Coffin; 3) Budding Artists (Gr. 2 - 8) displaying their art in The Gallery Building on Old McHenry Road; 4) Interactive Family Fun with art as the focus! All of this, along with music, food trucks and chocolate painting demos, takes place in Historic Downtown Long Grove.

Hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Admission: Free

To participate in Emerging or Budding Art, go to www.visitlonggrove.com.


August 30, 31 & September 1

Back by popular demand and hosted by Paddy’s on the Square, The Irish Boutique, and the Long Grove Business and Community Partners, Irish Days will take place Labor Day weekend, August 30-31 and September 1. A three day long fest that can’t be missed, Long Grove invites you to bring the whole family and enjoy all the best that the Irish culture offers including: live music, dancers, best legs in a Kilt competition, traditional Irish food and drink served by Winston’s, activities for the “wee” folk, an Irish dog competition, and a village-wide leprechaun hunt.

Hours: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Admission: Free


September 26-28, 2014

Visitors can expect to have bushels of fun at Long Grove's annual Apple Festival on September

26-28. Enjoy the beautiful fall outdoor beauty of this historic village and participate in a variety of activities including free live music, rides galore, rock wall climbing, and fun food throughout. Get your apple fix on treats like brown bag apple pies, apple cider donuts, hot apple cider, caramel apple lattes and more!

Hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Admission: $5 for adults, children 12 and under are free.

For additional information on the Long Grove Village Art Market, Long Grove Irish Days, and Long Grove Apple Festival contact the Long Grove Business and Community Partners (LGBCP) at 847-634-0888 or visit their website at www.visitlonggrove.com


2014 Summer Concert Series

The Long Grove Arts & Music Council (LGAMC) "Concerts in the Park" for 2014 will soon end. As the summer winds down, why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoy a late afternoon concert?

The LGAMC concerts, which are free of charge, are held on Sundays through August 24 at Fountain Square in Historic Downtown Long Grove (Old McHenry & Robert Parker Coffin Road) and begin at 4 p.m. until about 6 p.m. and are free of charge. Concertgoers are encouraged to bring chairs, blankets, food and beverage; then sit back and enjoy a Sunday afternoon listening to some very talented musicians.

August 10 – Carrie Newcomer

August 17 – Alfonso Ponticelli & Swing Gitan

August 24 – Maia Sharp & Friends

Concerts are rain or shine! For more information on the summer concert series visit www.lgamc.org. If you have any questions about the LGAMC or if you would like to contribute, please contact: Tobin Fraley at info@lgamc.org or call 847-722-8989.


On Saturday, September 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Vernon Township will be hosting the 6th Annual Community Garage Sale in the west parking lot of the Prairie View Metra Station (Main St. just north of Rt 22 in Buffalo Grove). Over 60 vendors will be participating to sell their unwanted treasures. Proceeds of the sale of the spaces will benefit the Vernon Township Food Pantry.



August 3 9 am - 1 pm Historic Business District

LGAMC SUMMER CONCERT Sons of the Never Wrong

August 3 4 pm - 6 pm Fountain Square

Long Grove Park District

August 4 7 pm Reed-Turner Woodland

Plan Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals

August 5 7 pm Village Hall

Conservancy/Scenic Corridor Committee

August 6 7 pm Village Hall


August 7 6 pm—10 pm Long Grove Fire Dept. For information, call Katie at 847-634-3143

$15 In-District Residents $30 Out-of-District Residents

VENUS DE MILES (cycling ride) August 9 7 am - 2 pm


August 10 9 am - 1 pm Historic Business District


August 10 4 pm - 6 pm Fountain Square

Board of Trustees

August 12 7 pm Village Hall


August 16 & 17 10 am - 6 pm Historic Business District


August 17 9 am - 1 pm Historic Business District

LGAMC SUMMER CONCERT Alfonso Ponticelli & Swing Gitan

August 17 4 pm - 6 pm Fountain Square

Architectural Commission

August 18 7 pm Village Hall


August 24 9 am - 1 pm Historic Business District

LGAMC SUMMER CONCERT Maia Sharp, AG, & Garrison Starr

August 24 4 pm - 6 pm Fountain Square

Board of Trustees

August 26 7 pm Village Hall


August 31 9 am - 1 pm Historic Business District


August 30, 31 10 am - 6 pm Historic Business District



September 1 Village Hall Closed


September 1 10 am - 6 pm Historic Business District

Plan Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals

September 2 7 pm Village Hall

Conservancy/Scenic Corridor Committee

September 3 7 pm Village Hall


September 4 6 pm - 10 pm Long Grove Fire Dept.

For information, call Katie at 847-634-3143

$15 In-District Residents $30 Out-of-District Residents


September 7 9 am - 1 pm Historic Business District

Long Grove Park District

September 8 7 pm Reed-Turner Woodland

Board of Trustees

September 9 7 pm Village Hall

1st Aid Class

September 9 6 pm - 10 pm Long Grove Fire Dept.

For information, call Katie at 847-634-3143

$15 In-District Residents $30 Out-of-District Residents



September 13 10 am - 3 pm Prairie View Metra Station

2701 Main St., Buffalo Grove


September 14 9 am - 1 pm Historic Business District

Architectural Commission

September 15 7 pm Village Hall


September 21 9 am - 1 pm Historic Business District

Board of Trustees

September 23 7 pm Village Hall


September 26-28 10 am - 6pm Historic Business District


September 28 9 am - 1 pm Historic Business District


"Those Were the Days Radio Players of Lake County"

September 28 2 pm Reed Turner Nature Center

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