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Bridge - January 2015

January 26, 2015 - 10:14pm -- justin
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Monday, 26 January 2015

Village of


January 2015 ISSUE #1


by Village President Angie Underwood

Happy New Year! I hope that your 2015 is off to a great start. I'd like to take a moment of your time to recap some of the significant things that happened on the Village Board in the past 12 months, and give you a peek ahead to what is on the agenda for Long Grove in the coming year.


Every two years, as new Village officials are elected, the new Board spends a workshop day identifying goals for the months ahead. 2014 saw the realization of several of those goals, and significant work was achieved on many goals that are ongoing. Goals that were achieved include: the replacement of street signs throughout the Village, update and expansion of the permitted uses in the downtown historic district, lease of the Village soccer fields, and determining the specifics of a road maintenance funding referendum, which was held this past March. One goal that is ongoing is to "identify sustainable long-term funding sources for needed infrastructure repair and replacement." Following the failure of the referendum, this goal became a high priority. A series of infrastructure workshops was held over the summer and fall months, with the 4th and final workshop planned for January 20th. Members of the community were invited to work with the Board of Trustees in exploring funding options aided by the guidance and advice of consultants in the fields of strategic planning, engineering, economic development, and finance. As an outcome of these workshops, the Board expects to have a consensus on direction with regard to funding our current and future infrastructure needs. The completion of a long-range Capital Improvement Plan that provides a comprehensive view of the Village's capital needs is another goal that is ongoing, and has been a topic of this workshop series.


Several new issues were brought before the Board this year, two of which resulted in large attendance at public hearings and Village Board meetings. Video Gambling was approved by the Board on a six month temporary basis, and is currently available at four locations in the historic downtown. The decision on establishing this on a permanent basis will come before the Board this coming April. Two new Senior Living & Memory Care developments have been approved in the Village, one near the intersection of Routes 53 and 83, another near the intersection of Rt. 53 and Long Grove Road. Construction is expected to start on both of these projects in the coming months.


On April 7th, you will be asked to participate in the future direction of our Village as three of the Trustee positions will be up for election. Six candidates are running in the race, and your vote will be important. Our Village Clerk position is uncontested.
One of the first goals that the Board will be addressing in 2015 is an update of the Comprehensive Plan. It has been many years since the previous update, and the time has come to take the pulse of the current residents to make sure that our policies and guiding principles accurately reflect those of the majority. To assist with this, the Village is hiring a professional survey organization to conduct a Village-wide survey this winter. If you are called to participate, please let us know your opinion.
In the coming year we expect to make progress on the extension of our Village pathway system, finalizing a connection between the south Schaeffer Road path and the Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve. A decision on the renovation or replacement of our covered bridge will be made, and steps will be taken to get this work underway. Our Village water system will be extended from the municipal well at Sunset Plaza into the downtown crossroads. This will bring higher quality water into the shops and restaurants in our historic business district and be an important factor in attracting new development and encouraging improvements to existing properties. Speaking of new development, many of the properties in the historic downtown have recently come under new ownership, with several more expected in the next few months. The Board is looking forward to working with these new owners in 2015, as new shops and restaurants are opened. We will be assisting with efforts to attract new businesses by forming an Economic Development Commission, and will be taking a more active role in outreach.
Many goals are yet to be achieved. But your Village Board has the willingness to work hard, and with your support much can be accomplished in the year ahead.


The Village would like to thank resident Jeanne Sylvester, who volunteered recently to serve on the Architectural Commission. Jeanne is an attorney with a deep and abiding love of history and architecture. She has served our community in the past as a leader with both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, as a docent with the Lake County Forest Preserves, and as a parent volunteer in District 96 Schools. Jeanne has been a welcome addition to the Architectural Commission, and much needed as we still have two open positions to serve on this committee. If you have a background or strong interest in architecture, engineering, design, or historic preservation, the Village could really use your help. Please contact Village President Angie Underwood at angie@aunder.com for more information on volunteering.

LOCAL COLLEGE STUDENTS HELP WITH BUSINESS DISTRICT REVIVAL Like most residents, you probably have noticed a steady decline in the number of stores in our historic shopping district. And less foot-traffic on non-festival days. I 'd like to share a story with you about one resident who

was motivated by his desire to see this change, and allowed it to become a catalyst for positive action.
Sam Quinn, a resident who is a Senior at the University of Illinois, contacted me over the summer with an idea. He is a member of Illinois Business Consulting (IBC), a student consulting organization which undertakes projects for Fortune 500 companies, middle

Members of the Village Board welcome IBC students.

market, and non-profit clients. Sam wanted to know if he could do something to help
revitalize our historic downtown, and if the Village would be willing to participate in a project with his student organization to explore some ways to do this. During the Fall semester, a team of nine students worked with the Village in a series of meetings and weekly conference calls which resulted in an area-wide survey. An analysis of the results was done to understand the market demand and potential. The team made a trip up from Champaign in mid-December to give a final presentation to Trustees and interested residents.

The IBC students had many recommendations on actions to increase our business district appeal. It is probably no surprise to hear that restaurants were highly desired in the survey responses, especially the need for one
specializing in breakfast. Entertainment such as a
smaller, luxury movie theater was suggested, as well as additional casual venues for socializing. Festivals remain popular but the data showed a clear preference for more variety and quality of vendors, and healthier food choices.
Information from the IBC project has and will be
shared with the downtown merchants and property owners. In the years ahead, as new shops and

IBC Students

restaurants are added and properties developed or renovated, local consumer wants and desires will be kept in mind.
Is this project the solution that will "fix" our historic downtown? Not entirely, but it is one positive step in the right direction. Months or years from now, when these young adults come back to Long Grove for a visit, I hope they see some of their ideas realized, and know that they played a part in making it happen. Working with these students to find answers and seeing firsthand their enthusiasm, optimism, and professionalism gives me hope for the future. Currently there are many downtown merchants, property owners, community members, elected officials and Village staff members working to be part of the revitalization story. Together, we can all play a part in the solution.

Angie Underwood

Village President


The Consolidated Elections to vote for three trustee seats and a Village Clerk will be held on April 7. The candidates for the trustee positions are: Charles L. Wachs, Stanley Razny, Steven Sintetas, Bill Jacob, Stanley Borys, and Michael Sarlitto.

Current Village Clerk Heidi Locker-Scheer is running unopposed for the Village Clerk position.





The Village of Long Grove 2015 vehicle stickers are available at the Village Hall. The cost remains at $10 a decal. While vehicle stickers are not mandatory, residents are encouraged to purchase one if they park in other suburbs or in Chicago where a local sticker is required and where tickets are issued if one is not displayed.
To receive your decal, you may send a check made payable to the Village of Long Grove; include your name, address and the number of vehicle stickers you would like. You can also stop by the Village Hall to pick up a decal. The Village Hall is located at
3110 Old McHenry Road, behind Kildeer Countryside School and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Waste Management's contract with the Village requires an annual review of the rates charged for services. In past years, adjustments ranged from a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 4% based on the Consumer Price Index. This year residents will see a
2.3% rate increase. This change in rate will be reflected beginning with the February bill.


Residents who would like to exchange their garbage/recycling cart for a different size may do so at no charge during the month of May. During the rest of the year, there is a charge for switching carts. If you would like to exchange your cart, please call Waste Management at 800-796-9696.


There is still time to sign up for many of the winter recreation programs at the Long Grove Park District. Men's Basketball Scrimmage starts on January 27th at Woodlawn School. This program is for anyone 18 and older. Rookies Sports will be there to give tips on how to improve your game and will be watching to settle any disputes during play.
Indoor Soccer for ages 3 thru 5th grade will start on January 27th at Woodlawn School. This is a great time for kids to learn the game or just practice to get ready for the spring season.
For more information on these and many more Long Grove Park District programs offered this winter go to www.lgparks.org, or call 847-703-0649 for additional information.


Member Sen-ices Bulletin

Ke-w Electronics Re-cycling Drop-Off Locations \\ill Begin

Colle-cting January 2nd 2015.

Six sites have been cou.finned to begin collecting electronics through SWALCO's recycling program starting Januat)'2, 2015. Please \tisit V.TV.'\v.swalc.o.org for more infonnatiou. The SWALCO website will be re_gularly updated to reflect any additional program detail-s. There iss1ill no cost. for residents to drop

off electronics at these Lake County locations. The locatious. and horu·s of operation are set by the host of

the collection site and any questions regarding their procedure,s should be made to them. These collections are open only on the specified dates and residents "111111be politely turned away if visiting at an

unscheduled time.

New Year-Round Drop Off locations

Antioch: Waste Management North Grant Tovmship: Road District Facility Grayslake:Public Works Facility,Recycling Center

H' ghland Park:Rrearms Training Center

Wauconda TO'MlShip:Road District Facity

Waukegan:Public Works Facility

22333 Route 173.Antioch.IL

Monday- Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p_m_

Excluding holidays.

26535 Molidor Rd.. Ingleside.IL Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Excluding holidays

585 Berry Ave.. Grayslake. IL

Monday - Friday: 7:00a.m. - 3:30p.m. Saturday:8:00a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Also accepts: Cardboard, mixed paper, household container:;, shoes,cfothing and lexb"les

1180 Half Day Rd., Highland Park.IL Every Tuesday: 7:00a.m.- 1:00 pm.

1st Saturday of the month 7:00 am - 1:00 pm

Excluding holidays

Also accepts: Fluore:;cent tight bulbs,foam container.;;, foam paclcaging malelials, clothing and textiles

505 W. Bonner Rd.. Waucooda. IL

1st Saturday of the month:9:00a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Monday - Friday 7:00am - 3:30pm

Excluding holidays

Also accepts: Ftuore:;cenl h'ghf bulbs and d!oes

1700 McAree Rd Waukeoan IL Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Excluding holidays

Also .accepts: Clo.fhing and textileand shoeseparately

Please link to SWALCO's Electronic Recycling page, and/or share this infonm1ion with residents through yow- website,nel\1-sletters, cable TV, and social media. For additional information, please visit the website or contact Merleanne Rampale,SWALCO Public Infotmation and Education Director at

847-336-9340 x 4 or via email at mrampalwealco.org.

A call for Artists of All Ages!

The Long Grove Artists Guild is pleased to present once again:

“Something About The Color Red”

Art Show Invitational, February 2015

The color red can evoke a range of emotions. February is an excellent month to explore the many facets of this color. Visual artwork in all media, styles and genre accepted. There will be Youth & Adult Divisions.

Art Show: Feb 21 – March 8, 2015 on Weekends 11AM-5PM Opening Artists Reception February 21, Saturday 6-8 PM . Public Invited!

A percentage of all Entry Fees will be donated to the American Heart Association by the Long Grove Artists Guild & the Long Grove Arts & Music Council, a 501c3.

The show continues through March 8 on weekends, 11AM-5PM at the Long Grove

Artists Guild Gallery on Fountain Square in Historic Long Grove. (Located in Bldg 21,

325 Old McHenry Rd.)

Information: elizabeth_roth@att.net Website: www.longgroveartistsguild.org

Calling all Birdhouses (and Birdhouse Art) Time to start creating your submission for the Long Grove Park District’s 2nd Annual Birdhouse Contest and Silent Auction.

Prepare for Spring by entering the Long Grove Park District’s 2nd Annual Birdhouse Contest. The ontest is part of For the Birds Weekend, April 18th and 19th, 2015. Mark your calendars and start designing your birdhouse! This year we are expanding

the scope to include bird feeders as well as birdhouses.

This is an opportunity for anyone or any club or team to let their creativity show. You do not need to be an expert carpenter…or even a novice one. This contest is about how you imagine a birdhouse or feeder might be designed and built or imaged.

Entries will be judged on the basis of functionality and

creativity. Entries may be designed for “real bird use” or as objects d’art. (Paintings, drawings, collages are of course intrinsi

2014 Winner in the Functional category

John Clemetson of Harvard.

functional birdhouses!) Any non-toxic material can be used. Entries may be 3 or 2 dimensional (paintings, quilts, collages, etc.). All entries will be part of the Silent Auction to benefit the Reed-Turner Nature Preserve. For those of you who would like to participate but do not have the time, you may

donate a (new) purchased birdhouse, feeder, or related work of art for the

Silent Auction.

Remember, if you are building a functional birdhouse, the most important factors are the size of the entry hole and the ability to easily open and clean it. For a list of sizes by bird species, go to:

http://www.wild-bird- watching.com/Building_Bird_Houses.html#sthash.0ugSJgom.dpbs

The contest is open to ages 8 and up in three age categories: Youth (8-

12), Teen (13-17) and Adult (the rest of us). Entries from teams or individuals are welcome. All entries will be on display at the Reed-Turner

2014 Winner in the Creative category

Dona Blunt of Long Grove.

ture Center during “For the Birds Weekend”. The weekend will include

on some of your favorite feathered friends, bird walks through the Nature

Preserve, refreshments, and a Silent Auction of the Birdhouse and Feeder entries, with proceeds benefitting the Reed-Turner Woodland Nature Preserve. Prize ribbons will be awarded to the winners in each category. This year’s event was quite a success and we expect 2015’s to be even better.

So have some fun, help support the Nature Preserve, and gain some appreciation of just what those little feathered critters have to do to build their own home sweet home.

To obtain an entry form and a copy of contest rules, call the Long Grove Park District at

847-438-4743, email lgpdrecreation@aol.com or watch the Park District web site for details at www.lgparks.org .


Long Grove Park District

February 2 7 pm Reed-Turner Woodland

Plan Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals

February 3 7 pm Village Hall


February 5 6 pm—10 pm Long Grove Fire Dept. For information, call Katie at 847-634-3143

$15 In-District Residents $30 Out-of-District Residents

Architectural Commission

February 9 7 pm Village Hall

Board of Trustees

February 10 7 pm Village Hall

Long Grove Historical Society Meeting

February 18 10 am Historical Society Farmhouse

Board of Trustees

February 24 7 pm Village Hall

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