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PCZBA Meeting - 05/02/2017

Event Date: 
May 2, 2017



TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017 AT 7:00 P.M.



1.        Call to Order.

2.        Visitor Business.

Old Business

3.        CONTINUATION:  Consideration  Of A Request For A Zoning Map Amendment To The R-3 District And A Special Use Permit To Allow A 31 Lot  Planned Unit Development/ Subdivision (Density Bonus Requested) To Be Known As The Deer Trail Subdivision Including; 1) Lot Sizes Of Less Than 33,000 Sq. Ft;  2) Setback Relief From The Underlying R-3 District Regulations In Excess Of The 20% Maximum Provided For In The Village Code; 3)  Text Amendments To The Village Code To Allow The Planned Unit Development  As Proposed (W/Lot Sizes And Setback Relief) And/Or Additional Relief Necessary And/Or Appropriate Under The Village Code To Allow The Development Of Property Zoned Under The R-3 PUD District Classification As Proposed Upon Annexation To The Village Of Long Grove Per A Proposed Annexation Agreement As Submitted By Swanson Development L.L.C.

New Business;

4.        Consideration Of A Petition For A Zoning Map Amendment, And A Special Use Permit\Preliminary PUD Approval (Including A 15% Density Bonus And Setback Relief Per The Village PUD District Regulations) For Property Within The R-2 PUD District And Unincorporated Property To Be Zoned R-3 PUD District Upon Annexation To The Village Of Long Grove (Per An Annexation Agreement) As Submitted By The KC1 INC. To Allow For Amendment Of The Previous Preliminary PUD Approval From An 18 Unit R-2 Single Family Detached Residential PUD To A 29 Unit R-3 PUD To Develop As Phases I & II (17 & 11 Lots Respectively With Requested Relief) To Be Known As The Karen’s Corner Subdivision On Property Commonly Known As The Iverson Property.

5.        Consideration Amendment To The Village Code For The Village Of Long Grove, Title 5, Zoning Regulations, Including Without Limitation Modifications To Chapter 3, Residential Districts, And Chapter 11, Zoning Administration And Enforcement To Allow For The Creation Of A New Zoning District And/Or Special Use And Planned Unit Development Standards And Procedures To Provide For Conservation Oriented, Cluster Type Residential Developments And Modification Of Other Regulations As Required To Accommodate Such Developments Within The Village Of Long Grove, Illinois.

6.        Approval of Minutes; April 4, 2017 Meeting.

Other Business;

7.        Update –    Proposed amendments to the Village of Long Grove   Comprehensive Plan

8.        Adjournment:

Next Regular Meeting – June 6, 2017

Village Board Representative;    May 9th – Commissioner Cohn

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