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PCZBA Meeting - 10/04/2016

Event Date: 
October 4, 2016




Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 7:00 P.M.

VILLAGE HALL, 3110 Old McHenry Road Long Grove, Illinois

1.       Call to Order.

2.      Visitor Business.

3.      New Business:

 PUBLIC HEARINGConsideration of  new testimony and evidence regarding a petition for a special use permit, and any other relief necessary, including modification of the previously approved PUD ordinance and site plan for Lot 46 of the Savanne PUD/Subdivision,  relief from the 500 foot separation requirement between residential districts and properties as well as a tower height of 130’ and other setback requirements to allow the installation, maintenance and operation a monopole telecommunications tower and related facilities on a portion of the property at 1670 Checker Road and within the R-2 PUD District submitted by PI Telecom Infrastructure T, LLC.  

PUBLIC HEARINGConsideration of a request for amendment(s) to the Village Code for the Village of Long Grove, and specifically Title 5, Chapter 9, Section 5-9-5 “Signs” of the Zoning Regulations, including without limitation modifications to the regulations regarding signage in the Village of Long Grove, Illinois.

4.      Old Business - NONE.

5.      Approval of Minutes; September 6, 2016   

6.      Other Business;

a.      2017 Meeting Calendar & VB Attendance Roster

b.   Update –    Proposed amendments to the Village of Long Grove   Comprehensive Plan

7.      Adjournment:

Next Regular Meeting – November 1, 2016

Village Board Representative; Monday, October 10, 2016; Commissioner Rubin

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