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Village Board Meeting - 06/13/2017

Event Date: 
June 13, 2017
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TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017 AT 7:00 P.M.


The Village Board will not proceed past 10:00 p.m. unless there is a consensus of the majority of the Village Trustees in attendance to do so.  Those wishing to address the Village Board on an agenda item(s) may do so when the agenda item of interest is opened and prior to Board discussion.

CALL TO ORDERPledge Of Allegiance.

Declaration of Vacancy in Office of Trustee; Appointment and Approval of & Oath of Office of Newly Appointed Village Official: Trustee Chris Borawski (filling remainder of term of former Trustee Borys)

VISITORS' BUSINESS: Homeowner Associations:            

Country Club EstatesJay Griffiths.

Woods End – Bill Handel.

Special Event & Signage: Downtown Events (2017):

Rotary Race For Charity – September 9 (6:00am – 10:00 am)

Long Grove Historical Society Raffle License:  Waiver Of $25 Fee & Bonding.

Lake County Sheriff's & Fire Districts’ Report.


1.       Report Of The Plan Commission & Zoning Board Of Appeals (PCZBA) Meeting – June 6, 2017:

A.     Text Amendment(s) To The Village Code For The Village Of Long Grove, Title 5, Zoning Regulations, Including Without Limitation Modifications To Chapter 3, Residential Districts, And Chapter 11, Zoning Administration And Enforcement To Allow For The Creation Of A New Zoning District And/Or Special Use And Planned Unit Development Standards And Procedures To Provide For Conservation Oriented, Cluster Type Residential Developments And Modification Of Other Regulations As Required To Accommodate Such Developments Within The Village Of Long Grove, Illinois. (Continued Until September 2017 PCZBA Mtg.)

B.      New Business: Consideration Of A Request For A Modification Of The Final PUD Approval Ordinance To Allow A Maximum Of 18.5% Of The Floor Area Within The Sunset Grove Development, Located At The Southeast Corner Of Illinois Route 83 & Aptakisic Road, To Be Non-Retail Space, And/Or Additional Relief Necessary And/Or Appropriate Under The Zoning Code, For Property Zoned Under The HR-1 Highway Retail  District/ PUD Classification Within The Village Of Long Grove Submitted By Mr. Kurt Wandry On Behalf Of The Sunset Grove LLC. (PCZBA Recommended Approval 6-0)

2.       Report Of The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee – May 24, 2017


A.     Review of “Public Hearing” Draft of Plan Update.

B.      Presentation dates to Village Board & PCZBA

C.     Public Review/Public Hearing dates.

3.       Consideration Of A Resolution In Continued Opposition To The Proposed Extension Of IL Route 53 & Amending Village Budget In Opposition. (Res. #2017-R-21)

4.       Consideration Of A Resolution Updating Signature Cards With Various Financial Institutions (Baxter Credit Union, Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund, UBS, BMO Harris & Amalgamated. (Res. #2017-R-22)

5.       Consideration Of A Resolution Approving A Proposal From Vicarious Productions For Village Communications (Newsletter, Social Media, Public Relations, Etc.) In The Annual Amount Of $30,000. (Res. #2017-R-23).  There is also a $5,000 one-time engagement fee plus additional costs for Ala carte services.

6.       Consideration Of An Ordinance Repealing & Establishing Prevailing Wages (Ord. #2017-O-07).

7.       Village President Jacob Administration & Legislation.

A.     Village Board Strategic Planning Workshop – July 15, 2017 (10:00 am until 4:00 pm).

B.      Special Joint Meeting With PCZBA – TBD.

8.       Village Trustee Kritzmire – Finance & Communications.

A.     Treasurer’s Report For May 31, 2017 As Reported On June 13, 2017.

B.      Actual & Budget Comparisons For The Period Ending May 31, 2017.

C.     Village Newsletter & Communications.

9.       Village Trustee Borawski – Security & Sustainability.

10.   Village Trustee Nora - Building, Water & Sewer.

A.    Request For Waiver or Reduction In Building Permit Fees For Long Grove Park District – Turner Residence.

B.     Village Property Maintenance, Building & Fire Code Enforcement – Update.

C.    Monthly Building Department Report – May 2017.

11.   Village Trustee O’Connor - Roads, Bridges & Pathways.  

12.   Village Trustee O’Reilly - Economic Development & Environmental Concerns.

13.   Village Trustee Sarlitto - Planning & Zoning.

14.   Village Clerk Gayton.

15.   Village Manager Lothspeich.

16.   Village Planner Hogue.

17.   Village Engineer Perry.

A.     N. Krueger Road – Update.

B.      Robert Parker Coffin Covered Bridge – Update.

C.     Northwest Water Commission Watermain (Aptakisic & Arlington Heights Road) – Update.

D.     Three Lakes Drive Stormwater Improvements & Culvert Risers – Update.

E.      IL 83 Deep Well Water Treatment Plant Improvements – Direction.

18.   Village Attorney Filippini.

19.   Approval Of Board Meeting Minutes:  May 9, 2017 & May 23, 2017.

EXECUTIVE SESSIONProbable or Imminent Potential Litigation Matters [5 ILCS 120/2(c)(11)].

20. Consideration Of Action Regarding Executive Session Discussion.



Next Regular Meeting:  June 27, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Next Special Meeting (Joint With PCZBA): TBD at 6:00 p.m.

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