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New Resident Information

The Village of Long Grove Welcomes you!

The name Long Grove is taken from the large grove of oak and hickory trees which once extended southwest from Gilmer Road and Route 83, along Buffalo and other creeks and through the area of Old Route 53 and Robert Parker Coffin Road and beyond, including the Deer Grove Forest Preserve.  The Village of Long Grove is unique among suburban communities--an oasis that the rapid advance of urban sprawl has not penetrated and where residents can enjoy a relaxed and rural lifestyle. This is what has attracted its residents, and it is the official policy of the Village to preserve that character through strict zoning.  Though relatively small in terms of population (it has grown to 8,010 according to the latest census), the Village is quite large in land mass, covering about 18 square miles.  This translates into many acres of open space.  Zoning ensures that residential properties are ample, thereby the open space of the community is retained and the privacy that residents cherish is protected.  In addition, the retention of natural vegetation on both public and private property is zealously protected by Village ordinances.

Neighbors and Newcomers of Long Grove & Kildeer

We are a local women's organization that holds activities and events for member residents.  Click Here to visit us on Facebook.  For membership information please call Georgyann Wernikoff (847) 383-5577.

Long Grove Community Newsletter
For the latest community news about the village of Long Grove, you can read our monthly newsletter.  Click Here for the latest community news or Click Here for links to past newsletters.
Long Grove Information Center
Be sure to stop in at the Long Grove Information Center during your visit to historic Long Grove.  Call 847-634-0888 for information about shopping, dining, and special events in the Historic Business District or visit the Long Grove Business and Community Partners' website.
Prospective Businesses
For prospective businesses within the Historic Business District, please contact Long Grove Business and Community Partners, at 847-634-0888.  For community development issues in all other areas of the Village, please contact James Hogue, Village Planner, at 847-634-9440.


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