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UPDATES: Ruse Burglary Alert, Robert Parker Coffin Bridge Re-opened; Updated Comprehensive PlanDowntown Public Water Connection & Proposed SSA, Old McHenry Road (Downtown) ConstructionDowntown Economic Development Incentive Programs, IL Route 53 Extension, Open Burn List 2018, Village Capital Projects Bids.

Ruse Burglary Alert.  A resident was recenlty the victim of a “ruse” crime.  The homeowner was approached by someone claiming to have recently purchased the neighboring property and wanted to go over the lot lines.  The homeowner never saw anyone enter the home initially, however, later his wife discovered later that some miscellaneous jewelry was missing from her closet.  Offending vehicle was possibly a white GMC SUV with 4-5 occupants. No further description is available.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lake County Sheriff non-emergency number at 847-549-5200.  Please (click here) for the “Ruse” Burglary informational flyer from the Lake County Sheriff for further information on various methods used by burglars and advice on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Also, in the past week a Long Grove residence was broken into (forced entry) and the surrounding communities are reporting multiple break-ins with offenders entering through sliding glass doors (locked and unlocked) during the late hours (even when residents have been home). Please remember to lock your doors and set your home alarms if you have one.  If you see anything suspicious dial 9-1-1.

Robert Parker Coffin Road Bridge. (Between Old McHenry Road and IL 53) was re-opened to traffic on Friday, September 14th.  Please note that due to Lake County's project, the traffic on RPC road will be limited from time to time.  The bridge continues to have a 3 ton maximum weight limit (approximate weight of a Chevy Suburban), a 10'-6" height restriction and trucks and buses are prohibited.

Old McHenry Road (Downtown) Improvements:

  • Village Watermain Project.  The Lake County Division Of Transportation (LCDOT) is reconstructing Old McHenry Road this year (2018).  The Village of Long Grove installed public watermain ahead of the County's project. 
  • LCDOT Reconstruction Of Old McHenry Road.  Following delays caused by utility relocations, construction re-started the week of September 17 and will be ending in November of this year.  The second portion of the construction will be in 2019.  Significant traffic delays are expected during construction.  Both lanes of traffic on Old McHenry Road will remain open EXCEPT for the section between Robert Parker Coffin Road and Archer Road which will be closed.  Access to Stemple Parking Lot will remain available from Old McHenry Road and from Robert Parker Coffin Road (by the bridge).  Please refer to the attached Detour Notice and Map for further details.  The improvements include the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection, construction of sidewalk, street lighting and other streetscape improvements.  For further project history and general information please visit the LCDOT project website (click here).  For Detailed bid plans and specs for this project please (click here) to access through LCDOT.

Downtown Public Water Connection Requirements & Proposed SSA.  In order to recoup a portion (32%) of the cost for the public water system in the Historic Downtown,on April 10, 2018 the Village Board approved amendments to the Village Code: (1) extending the deadline for buildings to connect to public water system from 90 days to 180 days (January 31, 2019) and (2) reducing the distance of buildings from the public watermain that have to connect by from 400' to 80'.  As an option to provide alternative financing for those property owners that are interested, the Village Board also approved an ordinance approving the establishment of a Special Service Area for those buildings that are located within 80' of the watermain.  The minimum quarterly water rate is $100.  Please (click here) to go to the page with informational materials.

IL Route 53 Extension.  The Village of Long Grove has long opposed the proposed extension of IL Route 53.  Most recently the Village filed objections to the Tollways plans to spend another $25M on an Evironmental Impact Statement (EIS).  Please refer to the following documents which outline the Village Board's position:

  • Village Resolution 2017-R-21 Ratifying Opposition The Extension Of IL Route 53 (Click Here).
  • Village President Bill Jacob Community Outreach Letter Objecting To The EIS (Click Here).

Long Grove Open Burn Permit 2018.  Updated List of Properties Permitted as of 10/10/2018 (Click Here).  For a list of companies that perform open burns please (click here)

Village Capital Projects Bids.   The Village of Long Grove Capital (Infrastruture) Bids (Advertisement, Pick Up List and As Read Bid Results) are available here (link to Village Engineer Gewalt Hamilton Associates).

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